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Packed with exciting new flavours and fun recipes you can quickly wow friends and family with.

  • This colourful seasoning is a blend of umami-rich seaweed 'nori', brighly coloured egg 'tamago', sesame and bonito fish. We're sprinkling it on Tenderstem Broccoli with Seasame Sauce, on scrambled eggs and popcorn for intense, umami sea-salt flavours.
Sweet White Miso
  • This soy bean paste adds a sensational savoury yet sweet and creamy taste to Japanese dishes. We're making Miso Salmon Soba Noodles, Miso Savoy Cabbage and a Kimchee dressing.
Matcha powde
  • This trendy green tea looks too heathly to taste good but think again! We're making Macadamia Matcha Blondies and more.
Wasabi mustard
  • Wow friends with this new sauce from the wonderful Wasabi Company -using freshly grown Wasabi from Dorset. We're topping Mini Beef Yorkshires and Open Salmon Sambos.
Flowering tea
  • For an awe-inspiring, sensual end to supper, serve your friends this Award-Winning Flowering Tea from Flora Tea.
INCLUDING irresistible recipes and tips from The Dinner Set that anyone can enjoy all year long.

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