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Super simple canape recipe kit with showstopper ingredients and easy recipes for party canapes anyone can make.

Brilliant Beetroot Marmalade
  • The foodie's wowesome alternative to cranberry sauce.
  • Delicious with turkey, meats and game and simply stunning on a Christmas cheeseboard.
  • Make 2 minute canapes with feta and beetroot marmalade.
  • This award-winning paté is rich, buttery and moreish. Makes a delicious 2 minute dip or canape topping.
  • Stir through pasta for a gorgeous gastro supper. Irresistible on French bread.
Pink Peppercorn Salami
  • A sensational snack with a Christmas apero.
  • Make your own cocktail stick pinchos with olives, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Wow friends with our delicious low carb Egg Frittata recipe.
Canape Cases
  • For instant cracking canapes, any time.
INCLUDING irresistible recipes and tips from The Dinner Set that anyone can enjoy all year long.

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